Bridging Great People With Great Companies

The workplace landscape is changing. The days of employees spending 20 years or more at one company are over, and increasingly Americans are changing jobs and even careers several times over the course of their working life. This turnover is producing unprecedented economic vitality, but it also presents significant challenges. Workers still must keep their competitive edge, even when making a change that can mean leaving the work force for several months or more. Businesses must also remain competitive in an era of high turnover and low applicant pools. These changes have reshaped the workplace of tomorrow into one that is successfully measured by one word — Flexibility.

Workers want it, businesses need it, and it’s good for the economy.

Peak Workforce Solutions provides flexible solutions to each of these challenges. We give workers jobs, flexibility, training, and a bridge to permanent employment. Businesses gain access to a flexible pool of employees who can become an important part of their human resource strategy.

Peak Workforce Solutions Works…

For Today’s Workers — Peak Workforce Solutions offers great jobs, flexibility, a bridge to permanent employment, a choice of alternative work arrangements, and training. For Today’s Businesses — Peak Workforce Solutions offers work force flexibility and access to talent. This strategic resource is great for the economy; Peak Workforce Solutions creates jobs, increases the labor market’s flexibility, and enhances the efficiency of bridging great people to permanent jobs. Each and every day, our industry sends over three million temporary and contract employees to work, and everyone benefits.

We Work For You…

Peak Workforce Solutions is more than just a job for someone looking for work. It’s a promising opportunity and a practical option. It’s the ability to choose from diverse and challenging assignments. It’s flexibility in scheduling and location to fit busy lifestyles. And it’s a bridge to permanent employment. More than half of those who remain in the work force make the move from staffing assignments to permanent jobs.

We Work For Our Employees…

Higher Job Satisfaction — Peak Workforce Solutions' temporary and contract employees like their jobs — 90% are satisfied with their work experiences, far exceeding the job satisfaction rates of the overall work force. Nine of 10 staffing employees say they would refer a friend or relative to work as a temporary or contract employee. Flexibility, training, and choices add up to very high job satisfaction.

We Work For Businesses…

Quick Access To Top Talent — Peak Workforce Solutions gives businesses quick access to top talent. Whether the need is for one employee or hundreds, now or weeks from now, Peak Workforce Solutions enables companies to react quickly to changing business dynamics by supplementing their permanent work force with qualified workers. We find, screen, and qualify candidates, enabling businesses to choose the best talent for both temporary and permanent positions. 75% of staffing clients surveyed said that temporary and contracted employees were as good as or better than their regular employees. Peak Workforce Solutions enables companies to react quickly to changing business dynamics.

Talented, Trained Workers…

A Diversified Work Force — Whether the need is extremely large, Peak Workforce Solutions offers access to a broad pool of talented, trained workers. Staffing employees fill a wide range of assignments, including those in professional, managerial, and technical fields.

Peak Workforce Solutions plays an important role in the labor market as an intermediary — creating jobs, helping those who want permanent jobs get them, offering flexibility and choice to those who prefer alternative work arrangements, and providing training and experience to improve skills and enhance the value of our employees in a growing and ever-demanding economy.

A Powerful Force…

For America’s Economy — Our industry plays a key role in maintaining America’s competitive edge. By improving the efficiency of matching workers to jobs, we reduce the overall unemployment rate. We give businesses the labor market flexibility to meet demand and respond to opportunities, and that helps create jobs. Temporary and contract jobs put people to work, and make them more employable because they can improve their skills or develop new ones, gain on-the-job experience, and strengthen their resumes. Many of our employees take temporary or contract assignments as a bridge to permanent jobs — and succeed. For workers seeking flexibility in their employment, we

offer plenty of job opportunities.

The American Staffing Association

Longstanding Membership — Peak Workforce Solutions receives detailed, practical guidance on the latest legal developments affecting our business, as well as ongoing education and training on employment law. As a condition of membership, we pledge our support of, and adherence to, principles and practices of ethical conduct in dealing with our employees, clients, and competitors. Membership in ASA is truly the hallmark of excellence and high standards in the staffing industry.

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