Staffing Services

Minority Supplier DevelopmentPeak Workforce Solutions, LLC is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Since 2012, many of the world's most respected companies have turned to Peak Workforce Solutions for innovative staffing solutions. Our approach to staffing enables us to meet your company's staffing needs across all divisions and departments.

Each of Peak Workforce Solutions' strategic staffing services acts as a tool to help you achieve the right balance between your staffing, administrative and financial objectives. Peak Workforce Solutions' staffing service programs include an exclusive onsite managed service, complete facility recruitment, outsourced functions and departments, and contract/direct-hire placement services, all designed to maximize your workforce investment.

Whether your needs are:

  • Special skills
  • Flexible or seasonal demand
  • Entry-level hiring
  • A complete facility recruitment
  • Temporary fill-ins
  • Outsourced functions or departments
  • A structured business savings

Peak Workforce Solutions' services provide more than just employees for your company; we create a full staffing solution. Peak Workforce Solutions understands and will design a program to address your specific staffing needs. To speak to a Peak Workforce Solutions representative, give us a call at (864) 234-6077 or contact us online.

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